Tuesday, October 28, 2008

99 Balloons

I just watched Oprah to see Kendra and Maliyah and found it to be a very inspirational hour! It was all on miracle children. The most touching thing was a video entitled '99 Balloons' found on YouTube. It is about this little baby boy named Eliot. Grab a tissue and click the following link.

It changed the way I view my time with Lucy, and how I spend my days.

Tough Times

Tyler's extended family has been through a lot in the past couple of years. Today his cousin's kids are going to be on Oprah once again as the nation has been watching the miricles unfold in their lives. Prayers are still in order for Kendra and Malyiah, but the two once conjoined, are adjusting to life apart. I have had the opportunity to meet these girls and you wouldn't believe they love and happiness that radiate from them. They are absolutely adorable and love life to its fullest! Aren't they so cute in this picture making funny faces?!!You can read more about their current situation and look at lots of fun pictures on their families website or watch Oprah today.

Another of Tyler's cousins, Marley whom I absolutely love, has a 13-year-old boy Luc who has been fighting cancer for years. He is currently undergoing chemo, once again, in hopes to keep the tumor from surrounding his lungs, airway and spine. Their community in Eagle Mountain, UT is throwing a huge yard/bake sale at one of the local schools in order to raise money for the struggling family. There is an article you can read from the Deseret News on their situation if you would like more deatils or want to know how to donate.,5143,705258501,00.html And please, keep Luc in your prayers!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I should be sleeping...

So I should be fast asleep right now seeing as how it is 12:45a.m. but here I am on the Internet. I sat down a little after 9:30 and am still here, what is wrong with me? At first I was being productive and searching, once again, for apartments to move into next week. That has been a process that is more than I bargained for. My mom and I went and looked for about 5 hours the other day at places I had found online and I didn't like any of them. Maybe I should stop being so picky. So after looking at apartments I got side tracked with Good Reads and then my email and now blogs. The Internet can be an addicting thing if you let it. I am going to regret staying up so late when that little alarm clock of mine gives me a wake up call first thing in the morning. Too bad she didn't come with a snooze button.
I have been posting without pictures too much lately, so here's a picture I stole off Kassie's blog who stole it from Loraleigh's. Next time I will bring my own camera ladies! For those of you who don't know the girls in the pic, these are my wonderful Provo Craft work buddies. I was the first of the five to have a baby, but in six weeks time Kassie will put herself on the map of motherhood. It was so fun to have girls at the same stage of life as me and to talk about our prego bodies and such. I miss you girls and am already planning my next trip to see Story after her debut-probably next spring!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Up Close and Personal

So take a look at this photo. No, I did not get this off the Internet and no, I did not use a zoom. Tonight I went to see Celine Dion at the Rose Garden and literally scored the best seats in the house!

An old friend of mine, Erin, works for the Rose Garden and every once in awhile gets free tickets for the 300 level seating to give to friends and family. She gave my mom some tickets (along with a bunch of other ward members) and she invited me and Ashleigh. When we got there I heard my name and some ward friends said they got great seats from 'a lady with a clipboard.' So my pregnant sister-in-law ran around, me trailing behind, and found the 'lady with the clipboard.' Apparently they didn't sell out and needed to fill the seats around the stage to make it look full. So we traded in our tickets for some in the 100 level. Little did we know where we would be. Can you believe it? The girls behind us paid $125 for their tickets and we got our completely free. My mom and some of her friends weren't as lucky and stuck with their original tickets. But they said they had fun watching us on the big screen. So Cool! It was an AMAZING concert! She is a great performer and in case you were wondering, her hands are very soft!!!!

Zoo Fun

Monday after my grandma’s passing, me and my stistor Amy who was in town for the funeral, Lucy and my grandpa all went to the Oregon Zoo. Lucy couldn’t take her eyes off the animals! She pointed at and talked to all of them. The picture below is of my little on looking at the birds that pooped on her a few seconds later. I suppose that is what you get for staring!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grandma's Funeral

I never wrote anything about my Grandma Bernice's funeral. It was such a beautiful memorial service. My dad spoke and my mom summarized my grandmother’s life. Both of them did a wonderful job! I thought I had heard every story there was to know about my grandma, I was wrong and laughed through the whole thing! It wouldn't be my grandma's life if we weren't crying from laughing so hard.
Funerals are funny. While you are so sad about the passing of your loved one, it is an opportunity to get together with family. I had a great time the last week of grandma's life, and after her passing reminiscing and laughing with my family. Nancy did a good job making light of the situation. My favorite thing had to be when my mom and Nan told the story about how my grandma used to play dead when they were little. All the neighbor kids would drag her around the house, open up her eyelids and such trying to wake her up. The game stopped when grandma couldn't hold in her laughter anymore. So Nancy kept telling grandma to get up and would pry her eyelids open as if she were playing dead again. That might sound like a horrible thing unless you are part of my family. Tyler always tells me that we joke around and deal with things a little differently than most.Above: All my family (except Tyler who had to take a flight out right after the service to get back to work). Below: Peyton, Nancy, Amy, Jessica, and Morgan.
Lucy kept picking up Jessica's purse and putting over her shoulder. She is a shopper in training!

Oregon- our new home

I am back from Utah and am so happy to finally be actively looking for a place to live in my home state. No more living with family members, we will get to use our own furniture and d├ęcor to make ourselves at home. We took this picture yesterday. Aren’t the reds in the trees beautiful? We were driving away from our house and couldn't help but stop to take a picture.I am going to post a few different entries right now because I am a little behind on blogging. Some of them go way back, but I use my blog kind of like a journal so I can’t just not share.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back in Utah

So I spent the end of August and all of September in Oregon living with my parents. Tyler has been in Utah but with everything going on in my family, and the way our contract worked out, it worked best for Tyler to travel back to Oregon to visit us when he could. But I have been in Utah with him for the past two weeks and it is so nice to have a hubby again! He works most of the time, but it is nice to fall asleep with someone else in the bed with me. Also, it makes me feel better to know that my hubby is eating real meals.

The past two Saturday's we walked a mile or so to McDonald's for breakfast. They have the coolest playground thing--a major upgrade from when I was a kid for sure! Tyler tried teaching Lucy how to play basketball...maybe in a year she will understand the concept a little better!

Who knew a slide could be so scary?!!

My little Lucy is growing up so fast! She is 13 months old now and seems to do or say something new daily. We went for her 12 month checkup the other day and here are the stats--23 lbs 2 oz (60%) and 31 3/4" (off the carts--apparently they say that's in the 100 percentile). So I no longer have the fat baby, but the strangely tall baby. Anyway you look at it, I have the perfect baby!

She can walk but chooses to crawl. The most steps she has taken at one time is between 15-20 (I lost count). She can say more words all the time. The most frequently spoken are not 'ma ma' or 'da da' but rather 'pee-ee' (Peaty is Tyler's Aunt and Uncle's dog, we are staying with them), 'sky,' 'ow' (meaning ouch, as she gets hurt or as she is hitting/hurting me), and of course 'hi' and 'bye' with a wave. I feel like she is so smart, nobody tell me otherwise either because I choose to believe that she is the smartest one-year-old out there!!!!

She loves giving kisses which melt my heart! My cousin Jessica got the most perfect picture of her puckering up for a kiss. I will try to get it to share because she is a crack up. I now second guess how I kiss because she had to learn how to pucker up and make the mmmmwwwaa sound from someone. Oops!