Thursday, February 17, 2011

Special Viewing Party

So this year for the Super Bowl we had friends over once again. We called it a Pot Luck with a Special Viewing Event to make ourselves feel a little better for doing it on a Sunday. This time a lot more people came and we had a full house of 30+. The funny thing is, Tyler and I don't watch the NFL. I would say that about 95% of our friends that came don't either. But what a great excuse to get together.

I said more than 30 people came. But did I happen to mention how 17 of these "people" were small children? After a couple hours of playing we couldn't ignore the pleas to watch How to Train your Dragon up in the playroom. But honestly, how cute is this?!
We had a ton of great food and even better company. You have got to love good friends!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Lucy wanted to dress up 'Tommy' today to look like a princess. I said that I didn't think Thomas wanted to be a princess because he was a boy. Lucy then replied so matter of fact, "well mom, Tommy does want to be a princess. But you can be the prince if you want."Lucy wanted me to take a picture of her 'mad face.' She was happy and giggly, but for some reason likes to look at pictures of herself being mad. She looked at this one for about a minute before wanting to take another. The girl makes me laugh!

Little Monsters

I was at Costco with the kids picking out new jammies. Lucy didn't understand why Thomas got all the cool pajamas. So after a little thought (I love her in girly things) I let her pick out one pair of 'boy jammies.' Of course she picked the monster ones. Now that we have them, I love putting them in their matching jammies. We have even done a few photo shoots with them. Poor Buddy, he just gets tossed around and clobered by his big sister and just smiles all the same.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

I know the Holidays ended over a month ago, but my thinking is better late than never.

Zoo Lights with the Family
(We actually went with the Hornibrooks too, but I forgot my camera that night)
My mother had all her grandchildren over to decorate cookies. It got a little messy but what do you expect from 4 children 4-years-old and under.
Little Buddy likes frosting!
We acted out the Nativity at my parents Christmas Eve
Baby Jesus was a little big if you ask me:)

Who doesn't love the Meier & Frank monorail. I wish it still many memories!
Lucy made sure to ask for "Toy Story 3 and the doll house from Costco." She also added in that Buddy wanted the "Dragon Movie." (how to train you dragon).
Lucy was so excited to mail her letter to Santa!
Nobody, and I mean NOBODY makes omelette's as delicious as my dad!
She loved Thomas' toys!
Just what she always wanted
The 6:00a.m daze