Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Daddy and his Little Girl

I just love the bond between Tyler and Lucy. It always amazes me how much he loves and adores her!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Four Months Old

Stats at 4 months (3 weeks ago)
Height: 27 3/4"
Percentile: OFF THE CHARTS
Weight: 17 1/2 lbs.
Percentile: 85th

Moments in Thomas' life
  • Smiles all the time and does so for just about anybody
  • Sleeps from 6:30 to 7 (most nights) and takes two good naps during the day
  • Can roll over both ways...chooses not to do so
  • Lucy makes him belly laugh like nobody else
  • He is so easy going
  • Can now hold toys and plays with them often
  • Still loves to be swaddled (daddy finally can do it well)
  • Has very kissable cheeks
  • Little buddy is strong and can support himself from head to toe very well.

I LOVE my kids!

Last night as I was preparing to go to bed I got the overwhelming feeling of love for my children. There was an incident in the hospital with Thomas that scarred me that day, but I honestly haven't thought much about it since. But last night as I was saying my prayers I got so freaked out by the fact that I could have lost Thomas and I couldn't help but run in to check on him. I had to look at him, touch his feet and rub his head. With tears in my eyes I then made my way to Lucy's room and kissed her lovable cheeks. I feel so grateful to have such wonderful children. They are sweet and deserve more of my attention. I made a promise to myself last night that my house doesn't have to be perfect. If it is between clean floors or putting together puzzles with Lucy, I almost always NEED to choose playing with my adorable daughter.

So today I have gotten a few loads of laundry done and have cleaned the dishes and such, but I have spent most of my time thus far on the floor with both of my children. We have done everything from reading stories and playing make believe. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. And now they both nap...heaven on earth.

(look hard at the pile of toys on the couch)
Lucy was showing me how good she is at sharing her toys with Little Buddy. How kind.

Halloween came and went. I tried to get pictures of my little Tinkerbell but Lucy is almost impossible to get a good picture of! She is either trying so hard to smile or she is a moving target (mostly the two combined). This little fairy princess, Tink, got the award for cutest costume at our Church Halloween party. She hammed it up when her name was announced and she pranced across the stage, showing off her costume and holding up her skirt like a princess would. She even stopped in the center of the stage for a little while when most kids just ran to the other side as fast as they could. Do we have a little Drama Queen (several meanings here) on our hands???