Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fanciest Nancy

So last week we went to Barnes & Noble to meet the illustrator of the Fancy Nancy books, which are Lucy's favorite.  We own more of these books than I care to admit but this is mainly because I not so secretly LOVE them too!  I love how dramatic Nancy is all the time and the illustrations make me seriously laugh out loud.  My favorite illustration is Nancy telling her best friend Bree that she can't come to her birthday party in Bonjour Butterfly.  I laugh at that one every time.  If you have a girly girl for a daughter, Fancy Nancy books will be a big hit!  She may even start to refuse to say 'thank you' and say 'merci' instead because as Nancy says, "everything sounds fancier in French."

Robin Priess Glasser reads her newest book, Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet , to all the fancy children.  I thoroughly enjoyed her story telling dramatization and outfit!  She didn't disappoint!

Here is Lucy and her friend Leilani practicing walking with bananas (instead of books) on their heads.  Nancy teaches us how to do this in the Fabulous Fashion Boutique I believe.

For once I let Lucy wear whatever she wanted in public.  She would love to dress this way everyday but a mom has got to draw the line somewhere.  My favorite is how she had to wear two skirts AND a dress.
While she was getting ready she kept asking if everyone would think she was the fanciest girl there.  I told her that everyone would be dressed so fancy and everyone would be beautiful!  Then they had to go and give Lucy a crown that said she was the "Winner of the Fanciest Nancy."  Way to have a teaching moment with my child about how we can't always be the best.  But I was a little proud seeing as how she dressed herself.
It was so fun to have a night, just the two of us.  She had Cinnabon for dinner, her choice obviously, and she got 100% of my attention.  I wish I got more nights like that with just the two of us girls.  She is at an age where she really notices when she has my attention and when she doesn't .  I just Love my fancy little angel!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Lover

I am just rather in love with my hot hubby and thought I would take a second to share it with the world.  He works so hard and is so dedicated to us, his church calling and of course anyone who knows him would say his work!  Oh, and working out and eating right seem to have crept up on the list too.  
Tyler makes me feel beautiful.  He lets me know I am a good wife and mommy to our two amazing children.  Sometimes when he gets home my heart starts to beat really fast and I get butterflies in my tummy as if we were just beginning to date all over again.  All I want to do is run up to him and give him a giant hug and kiss.  
Tyler is my eternal companion and I honestly couldn't be happier with my choice!  

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

First Day of School

My little baby girl started Preschool yesterday. I did better than I expected, I didn't cry:) I just choked up as the teacher was walking Lucy through the morning routine. I think it is just knowing that somebody else will be seeing my baby grow and progress and I just get to hear about it later (hopefully).
Lucy will be going to school Tuesdays and Thursdays for 3 hours a day. She was so excited to start and now can't wait to go back to play with her friends tomorrow. I hesitated to send Lucy to two years of preschool, but she is so social I knew she would love the chance to interact with new friends. I think that after weighing the pros and cons, Lucy is one child that will benefit from the social and structured environment her preschool will provide for her. I will get over being away from her I am sure.
Below is Lucy sporting one of her new outfits (I can't believe I had to go school clothes shopping this year) and her new backpack. Doesn't she just look so old?!!!
And at home with mommy...Little buddy who is almost 15-months-old. He is my happy little guy who often sports my favorite outfit for any little baby, a white onesie!!! I took pictures of him this morning in his new favorite place, the bin his cars live in.
I can't get enough of his cheesy smile. He sees a camera and gives this face...sometimes I think it is a face only a mother could love, but oh how I LOVE IT!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adorable Children

My friend Cassandra is getting back into photography. She used to have a business in Utah before her kids were born. Cassandra came over today and took pictures of Lucy and Thomas across the street at our lake. I think she captured how adorable my children really are. THANK YOU CASSANDRA!!! I owe you big!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sister & Brother

All my life I wanted to have a baby boy first. I loved having an older brother! I always felt bad for people that didn't have an older brother to protect them. I felt they were missing out on something really special, like they were cheated out of a great thing. Maybe I just had such an amazing brother who made me feel cool:) This is me and Dane when we were going to school together at BYU-Idaho.
So it was a big surprise to me that when I found out I was having a girl first, I wasn't sad like I thought I would be. It just felt right. Now I know why. Baby brothers are lucky to have older sisters too!
I loved how once Thomas was born I could count on Lucy to run upstairs and and get a diaper for me when I was too tired. Or how Lucy sings to Thomas when he is sad. This week we had the opportunity to have the Battles' daughter, Anistyn, stay with us for a few nights while they were having their second ADORABLE baby, a little boy. Lucy and Anistyn both wore their big sister jammies. The nature of girls is just different. I believe Lucy is just wired to be a little second mommy to Thomas and I know he just adores her. It is amazing how things just work out you know.
Plus, I laugh knowing Thomas will soon be bigger than Lucy and will pick on his big sister like I was picked on by my big brother. He will also protect my little drama queen when she needs it, which may be a whole lot more than I did. And most importantly, I know Lucy loves her little brother just as much as I love my big brother. The picture above seriously makes me laugh out loud! Oh such happy memories!!!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buddy Walks...sort of

Tonight we had a Pajama Movie Party. We do this a couple of times a month. We get our jammies on, make popcorn, put all the pillows on the floor and watch a movie. Today was How to Train Your Dragon, I LOVE this movie! After it was over and Lucy had got up to her play room, Tyler and I were just playing around with Buddy. He ended up taking 6 steps in a row. This is HUGE for him. The doctor told us he wouldn't walk till between 15 and 18 months because he has been quite slow in everything but getting bigger! He is currently 13 1/2 months old.

So here is my little buddy in his walking debut...too bad he doesn't want to do it anymore. Maybe he is just tired. I hope not because my back is KILLING me from his massive 30+ lbs (weighed 1 1/2 months ago so I am sure he is a bit more).

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pioneer Day Palooza

This morning we went to our Church Pioneer Day Palooza. Tyler was actually in charge of the whole event and it went GREAT! The Battles' helped us make the score boards last night while we watched a movie and they turned out quite professional if I do say so myself.
This is our family at the very end. Our blue face paint (we were on the blue team) was mostly washed off. I had awesome 80's blue eye shadow. Wish I got a better picture!

Tyler placed 2nd in the Pancake Eating contest for the Blue Team
Blue Team placed 2nd in the Truck Push. This was only because we realized later the left side of the parking lot was at a slight incline. We would have been first for sure otherwise!!! :)
Lucy watching the 3rd and 4th place teams in the Truck Push
Thomas has a little girlfriend!

Oh, did I mention our team took 1st place?! It was actually tied and came down to ' Rock Paper Scissors.' We call that pure talent!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine

I Just got done reading Lucy Thomas the Tank Engine as her bedtime story. After it was over she looked at me very concerned.
Lucy: I want to read about Lucy the train tomorrow
Me: Oh really, is that a book?
Lucy: Yes! Thomas will call me Lucy and we can be friends. Best friends!
Me: Okay, well maybe we can find a train named Lucy. What color would she be?
Lucy: Ummm....maybe blue or something.
Me: Well Thomas is blue and red, so maybe you can be pink and purple.
Lucy: I guess that would be okay. Maybe we could paint the blue train pink and purple or something. That should be a great good idea.
Me: That would be a good idea.

We talked like that for awhile longer and she ended up being happy about the whole thing. Apparently now I have to find some kind of train that I we can color pink and purple. It is hard to explain to a 3-year-old that not everybody has a cartoon train with their same name. Sigh...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Snow Day

Lucy has been asking to go to "the mountain" all winter long to play in the snow. The snow has been melting so fast these past couple of weeks, so last weekend we made the short trip up to our beloved Mt. Hood.
We ended up at Government Camp to go sledding. Lucy had a blast. Thomas was very indifferent. I think it is so funny how at times it is so hard to get a reaction of any kind out of him. But we love our little buddy!

No snow trip could be complete without some Hot Chocolate!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Karl Johnson Silhouettes

I am so excited for KARL JOHNSON to cut my kids silhouettes in June. He is making an appearance at Bridgeport and I just secured an appointment. There are a few spots still open if any of you live around here and want to do it too. Call Goodnight Room.

I will be sure to share my babies silhouettes with you. I honestly can't wait. I have been meaning to make them myself by tracing their shadows on the wall, but this is much easier and more exciting!