Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oregon Vacation

We were planning on going to Echo lake in Montana with the rest of the Hansen's this week but we had a little change of plans. My grandma had a heart attack last week and my mom wanted to stay close by. So we all packed up and came to Oregon instead.

We drove all day Friday and have had cram packed days ever since. Some of the highlights have been seeing Batman at the IMAX. Oh my goodness amazing! Apparently they used special cameras during all the action scenes, (pretty much the whole movie) and it really made the movie come to life. It was a great movie, one of the best action movies I have seen in a long time! I think Heath Ledger really peaked in his performance, it is a real shame he is no longer with us to share his great talents. His character was so creepy that it makes me wonder if playing this part had something to do with his depression. Anyway, it was a movie worth seeing!

Sunday Dane and Ashleigh came up from Salem and we had dinner. Afterwards we hurried out to Sherwood to eat Dessert with Tyler's family.

Another highlight was the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. It rarely disappoints and this seemed to be like an especially good year! My hubby Tyler who hates shopping even managed to rack up a bill of his own! A much larger bill than me I might add!

Yesterday we went out to the river with some friends. I haven't been on a tube ride in forever, but I had fun hogging the tube with both my stissy and Tyler.
Lucy sure enjoyed the boat rides and especially the sand. As you can tell from the picture below, she maybe like the sand a little too much.
This morning I went to the driving range with Tyler. I decided that I am not very good at golf! I got frustrated half way through my balls, so I sat down and watched Tyler swing. He is getting pretty good-especially when you compare him to me!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Warm Sensation

I am pretty good about staying for all three meetings at church. Even if this means walking the halls for one of them, I am hanging around hoping Lu will want to go in and play quietly. Today was a different story!
So I am sitting in Sunday School and Lucy is actually sitting in my lap playing quietly with some finger puppets. With only twenty minutes to go I feel something super warm on my lap. I didn't realize what this warm sensation was till I felt it running down my leg and into my shoe. SHE PEED ON ME! It went straight through her diaper and onto her lovely mother. Tyler handed me a diaper wipe but the damage had been done.
I changed her diaper (it was mostly dry-go figure) and tried to walk around and let the pee on my dress dry off so I could go to RS. I finally gave up on my underwear and slip drying too and Lu and I walked home.
Sad Day!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Laughing Lulu!

Amy babysat Lu yesterday while Tyler and I went out to dinner with his sales manager. When I got back Amy showed me these videos and I have watched them a ton of times since. Isn't my little girl the cutest thing you have ever seen?! Oh she has a personality for sure, part of that is my happy little angel you see here.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Independence Day

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend as a family! Friday morning Tyler went and played 18 holes of golf while Lucy and I went to the parade. To our surprise, Tyler joined us. When he did he said that it was trying to find a needle in a haystack. I asked him why he didn't call us to see where we were sitting- apparently I had missed 8 calls. I suppose it is hard to hear with all the bands and fire/police sirens going non-stop.

The three of us had a very enjoyable BBQ lunch and of course made my mother-in-laws green pepper chip dip. Then came the best part of our day...a nice long nap for the three of us. It was that kind of paralyzing sleep where you couldn't get up even if you tried. Lucy slept for three hours, so we did too. It was lazy but yet, so rewarding!
(Two photos below: I had to add these because they make me laugh. The first, Lucy's hair blowing in the wind. Where did those fluffy duck feathers come from? The second photo you can totally tell Lu is in her element! She loves the feel of the wind/fan on her face!)
It was a good thing we got some extra sleep because at 5 we when to Rock Canyon Park to watch the firework show from the Stadium of Fire and because of traffic, didn't get back home till after 12. The fireworks didn't start till around 10:30 so we staked out our spots with blankets and chairs and headed off to Boarders to please my two loves. Tyler got a golf book and Lu got 'Baby Cakes.' The book I wanted was there but I had already looked it up on Amazon and a new copy was still 10 buck cheaper online after shipping. So I opted to wait.
Then it was back to the park to wait. Lucy loved being outside for such a long period of time. There were so many people there for her to watch, she was in her own little heaven.
It was a great show and we had perfect spots. Unfortuantly, Lulu wasn't quite able to stay awake.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's My Anniversary

Two years ago I was married and sealed for time and all eternity to the man of my dreams. A lot has happened in two years, but my feelings for Tyler only get stronger with time.

Another very important date, one of the most important in my life, happened just short of six years ago. This is when Lacey and Jessica introduced me to Tyler in the back of the chapel after church in Rexberg. I thought he was cute and wanted to get to know him a whole lot better right away. Of course he was dating someone else, but that didn’t stop me from trying to get his attention. It worked and we started dating shortly after. We clicked right away and before long, I felt I was in love. I believe it was a form of love, stronger than I had ever felt up until that time in my life, but it is amazing how much that love has grown throughout our years together.
(Photo: First time we every actually hung out. We spent the whole day together making a fort, walking to Papa Kelsey's for Pizza, watching a movie in our fort and just laughing and having a great time together and with friends)

I am so happy we rekindled our love for one another after Tyler’s mission. Although what a great opportunity I had to grow during our time apart. I was able to date a whole lot of other people and discover that he was the only person that seemed to complete me as a person. With Tyler I wasn’t afraid of commitment like so many of you know I have had issues with in the past. When I was with him, it was the only thing that seemed to make any sense at all. Ironically enough, choosing to marry Tyler was an easier decision for me to make than it is most days when I try to figure out what I am going to wear. I am still very very happy with my decision and can’t wait for our many years together as a couple and as a growing family.
(Photo: First time we hung out after Tyler's mission. I was dating someone else at the time but Tyler drove to Utah and we spent most of the day together with friends. We saw a Real Salt Lake soccer game, a fire works show and tried to catch up on our two years apart. We didn't get back together for at least six more months)