Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's a Boy!

Thomas Parker

Born: Tuesday, June 15th at 4:22pm

Stats: 9 lbs 11 oz and 21.5 in. long

Friday, June 11, 2010

Week of Updates

Last Tuesday, the doctor didn't think I would make it another week. This Tuesday he was surprised that I was still around. Being the great man he is, he stripped my membranes...I am still pregnant and it is Friday. The thing is, when I was almost positive that I would have the baby Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, and started to feel the pain, I freaked out. I no longer wanted to have the baby then. I am not so good with pain. So I am okay waiting now. Yesterday I started feeling better than I have in months! While I can't get up easily and the trips to the bathroom have become more frequent, something I didn't think possible, I am okay with carrying my little guy around in my rather large tummy. My doctor will brake my water on Monday if my little guy hasn't come by then. This may be the best way to go because then I can get the drugs before I really start to feel much pain. But it is still just a waiting game.
Tuesday was my mom's birthday. Isn't she still so beautiful?!! She didn't want a cake or anything (only my baby to come), but a birthday just wouldn't be the same to Lucy without dessert. So Lucy helped her blow out the candles and was very adorable when she sang 'Happy Birthday'.
The other day I was in Tyler's office and we saw a bright yellow bird in a tree in our front yard. We looked it up and I can't remember what it is called, but I thought it was beautiful and worth sharing.
If you have been around my little princess for more than two minutes, you will know she has a very active imagination! It is not the normal imagination for a girl turning three in September, or even a much older child for that matter. Some days Lucy plays for HOURS on her own. I sit at the bottom of the stairs and listen to her go on picnics, to the beach, feed her made believe friends, clean the playroom and run from certain animals (animal is always changing). She has had an imaginary friend "little fella" for many months now. Her pediatrician said this was the behavior of a child of 3 or 4, not 2. She loves the ocean right now and 'nice sharks' are all around us constantly. Our nursery leader even commented on how she made everyone think there was a shark in the nursery room on Sunday. Lucy had all the kids swim away from it while screaming. Did I mention she is bossy too, so for the most part, kids just do what she says.
Anyway, two days ago Lucy decided she was going to the Mountain and got dressed for the 'white snow.' I did not get a picture of me too, but behind the camera I am also wearing a hat and scarf to the mountain. We got up there and little did I know, there was sand instead of snow. She made me take off my hat because it is hot at the beach, not cold.
The girl closes her eyes when she says 'cheese' for the camera
Oh, I thought this was cute too. I was at the optometrist the other day picking out new sunglasses and getting new frames for the glasses Lucy broke. Lucy decided to rearrange their kiddy furniture. When the doctor asked her about it she looked at him and said "ssshhhhhh, we at the movie theatre. Got to be quiet" He laughed and she said sssshhhh once again. Then she started to tell him, in a not so soft voice, all about the dragons on the screen. She asked the doctor to sit down and watch the movie with her (aka, the wall of glasses). I am glad he found it amusing because sometimes that girl has people walking around with big question marks floating over their heads.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Grandma's Birthday

Today was my Grandma Bernice's Birthday. Last year we celebrated by taking a day to drive up the Columbia River Gorge, had a picnic, stopped by the fish hatchery, Dam and Multnomah Falls. Today, seeing as how I am uncomfortable and don't really want to venture too far from home, we went out to the Taco House...Grandma's favorite. I bet she was looking down from Heaven and wishing she had a little herself! Then we went up some Mountain in Portland, I am so bad. I was there just two hours ago and now I can't even remember the name of it. Rock something or was beautiful to see the city, the river, the whole airport (we saw some fighter jets landing, quite impressive) and really all around the area, from every side. I LOVE a good view!

My little bossy child...oh how her little brother will love her!

So Grandma, we miss you and you don't have to worry, we had a great Birthday for you!

Watch this and you will see why I rarely get a decent picture of Lucy!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Another Week?

I don't have a picture...I know, so lame. I had to make a post anyway because we have officially reached the month I am been dreaming about and looking forward to for 9 months now. June, it's music to my ears, the only body part that doesn't scream for relief. The 13th is my official due date, but I am hoping for a little sooner. If you are reading this and were one of my Utah friends going through my first pregnancy with me, this is a TOTAL change of pace for me. I didn't want Lucy to come out. I wasn't ready to be a mom and figured I would be even more uncomfortable and stressed with a baby than I was with the alien in my body. But this time I am singing a different tune. I want this baby boy out of me. I am already a mom, my life has already been changed forever and I can't wait to meet the little guy! I had my first dream last night about this baby, took long enough. It got me even more excited to hold him for the first time, to look in his eyes and let him know he is safe and will always have a mommy that loves him and would do anything for him. Being a mom is the best!
Yesterday the doctor said I should go sometime next week, but that it really could be anytime now. So exciting!!!!!