Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Beautiful Day

Today after church I couldn't resist the beautiful day and both of my loves looking great!

Friday, February 13, 2009

So Funny!

Okay, you have to watch this speech given by the best man at this wedding. It was sent to Tyler and because it is my wonderful lovers birthday, I thought I would make the post for him. Not that he cares, but it is an excuse. It is so dang funny!I can't find it on YouTube or anything, so follow this link, you won't be sorry!


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Make-up Help!

Products I love:
Mac for my eyes and cheeks
Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara
Products I would love to replace:
Cinique Super Balanced Make-up & Clinique compact powder
I have been sporting the same face make-up since the 7th grade. I am now 25 and feel I need something a little more age appropriate. Sure I could just go to a random make-up counter at the mall and they could sell me on what they think their best product is, but I don't even know what brand to choose. This is where you come in.
What can you tell me about face make-up you love?
Here's the deal, I go 6 out of 7 days a week without wearing the stuff because I hate it when I can feel it on my face. So I need something that feels like I have nothing on. Has anyone use bare minerals? I also want one with sunscreen, mine currently doesn't have it which is a major no no, I know!
And do most people use bronzer? I probably have the fairest skin out of everyone who could possibly read this blog, but I don't use a bronzer. I don't want my face, neck and chest to all be a different color.
I sound ridiculous I know, being a woman I should know more about make-up. But if any of you have any advice, lay it on me.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Lover Tyler

On my blog I usually only talk about Lucy, but I wanted to share a little about my wonderful hubby Tyler. And because a blog post just isn’t the same without a picture, here is one of us from back in 2002. I can’t believe how much time has passed! When Tyler found out about his new/current position at work, he told me there would be a lot of travel involved. I thought, ‘well if anyone can handle that it would be me because my dad traveled a lot while I was growing up.’ Well let me tell you, it is so different to have your dad traveling and away from home then a husband. I have so much more respect for my mom when she had to deal with us kids and sleep alone all those nights. I HATE Tyler being away from us. I feel so alone in the world and start to freak myself out about someone breaking in or something. (Last night I put our couch in front of our locked front door). I would say I am getting used to it, but I think the proper language here would be I am becoming more tolerant of it. He is working so hard and doesn’t like being away from us either, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get ahead in life. That is exactly what my lover is doing for us. I need to remember this, but it is so dang hard!

Well last night was a particularly hard night for me. Tyler and I discussed some deeper things on the phone and I wanted nothing more than to cuddle with him as I fell asleep. I really needed him there by my side. So I spent all day today being sad and feeling sorry for myself—sorry to say this isn’t really a new thing. I put my little Lucy down early tonight (we have both been sick) and turned on the TV. Around 6:30 I heard a light knock on the door and was kicking myself for having the volume up on the TV because I didn’t want to answer it. I didn’t and ignored it. Then the knock came again. I looked at my outfit, PJ’s from last night, then felt my unshowered hair and thought, ‘heck no!’ I thought it was the boys from upstairs asking if they could “Jam.” I figured if I ignored them they would think I left the TV on and was gone. I would rather listen to the loud drums and guitars then answer the door. Then a third knock came and was rather loud. I ran to my bathroom and grabbed a pony tail holder, put up my hair, moved the couch out of the way and opened the door. It was Tyler with a big bouquet of flowers and dinner.

He came home two days early from his trip. I was so excited and honestly, he being there was the best surprise ever! I love that he knows exactly what I need, tolerates it, and loves me anyway. It is amazing how I ended up with someone so perfect for me. He means everything to me and I have no clue what I would do without him! So we spent the evening together and I laid in bed with him for 40 minutes till I knew he was asleep, and knew I wasn’t going to be able to fall asleep (those mid-day naps will kill you) which brings me to right now. I know he can’t always come running home when I need him, but just knowing that he cared enough to do it means the world!
Thank you Tyler for loving me unconditionally!