Wednesday, September 23, 2009

By Baby is 2

I can't believe I have a two-year-old! It is just crazy. I miss the days when she was a cute chubby little baby that would let me hold her in her arms. Look at her cheeks in the picture above, she was so stinkin' adorable. She is even cuter now, but in a drama queen sort of way.

Want to know something funny about having a two-year-old? Well two days after her birthday I had someone tell me that it was time to get working on another one. Really? I thought that would be so predictable that nobody would mention it, but it actually happened anyway. More comments have been made this past week than the whole previous year about having another child.

Right now Lucy is playing right next to me with her purse slung over her shoulder and talking away to her baby. Two minutes ago she tapped on my shoulder and said "My baby got hurt and cry mommy." This morning she talked about crying for the first time when I went into get her. She had been fake crying, stopping as soon as I opened the door, then looked at me and said "Ucy cry mommy, I cry," as she demonstrated where her tears were with both of her hands. She is a crack up for sure.

We went to the doctor yesterday and she had 3 different nurses and the doctor comment on how well she talked for a two-year-old. I told one of them that talking wasn't the problem, it is keeping quiet we were working on. Here are by baby's stats:
36" tall - 90%
27lbs 2oz - 50%
Lucy is tall and thin. My mom had me get my doctor's records out last night to compare Lucy to me at that age. I was a little bit shorter, and a little bit fatter. Go figure.
(I am now wearing her purse and holding her baby over my shoulder and keeping there with my chin. Oh the things we do as mothers)

I need to upload all my pictures because so much has happened that I want to blog about, but want the corresponding pictures to make it better. Pictures make every post better in my opinion. So coming up are posts about Lucy's Backyardigans Party, our new playroom and her first day of Ballet.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Last week was a tough one. We all spent a little time being sick. Lucy got it first on Sunday, Tuesday it was slow in coming, but I ended up going from feeling faint and nauseated to loving the toilet bowl by the end of the day. Tyler was on a business trip in Boise and spent the entire time in his bathroom, poor guy. He so got it the worse. Here is a picture of Lucy being pathetically sick on the couch. I think she looked adorably angelic with no energy!
(Whoever says these leashes are mean doesn't know what they are talking about. Does Lucy look like she hates it?)
Okay I know it is Wednesday, but I have been meaning to get online and blog about my weekend. I had so much fun with Tyler being home and us having his attention! Plus, we all felt so much better after being sick that week. Friday afternoon we went to the Oregon State Fair to meet up with a bunch of friends from work. Later that night we finally went to ride some rides (we promised Lucy a ride on the carousal) only to find out she was and inch or so too short. Come on, how in the heck could she hurt herself? Needless to say we did not have a happy camper so we had to distract her with the fish pond where she got a lovely turtle that she now totes around the house. She was happy and forgot all about the fish she won earlier from a duck pond!
After the fair we stopped by to play games with Jon and Amanda until almost 2 in the morning. I was so tired the next day, but Lucy slept in till after 9 which couldn't have worked out better.

Saturday Tyler spent the day working on Lucy's birthday present with his dad. We are giving the room above the garage a makeover with a full fledged stage and curtains. Look at the almost finished product below. You couldn't tell they are related or anything right?You should see it now, BEAUTIFUL! I spent the day cutting and sewing curtains. I am not done yet as I am figuring out how to sew as I go. Around five or so we a break to watch the BYU game...what a wonderful way to round out the day huh?!! Go Cougars!
On Sunday I ended up making a cake (Amanda made the frosting) and we went over to celebrate my wonderful mother-in-laws birthday. I feel so blessed to have someone so wonderful in my life. I hear all these horror stories of in-laws, but I feel so lucky to have gained another set of wonderful role models who are complete assets to my life! Happy Birthday Ane!
Monday, Labor Day, was anything but a rest from our labors. I made two trips to Lowe's and spent the entire day painting and taping off the play room. Tyler helped by painting most of the first coat of blue on the ceiling. Can you believe it took 1 1/2 gallons of paint for the first coat? I am in shock! We decided the playroom is bigger than we thought. I haven't started on the second coat or the yellow walls. One step at a time right?