Monday, May 24, 2010

California (Part 2 of 2)

I know am doing a little catch up before the baby comes. I may not get on too often afterwards, depending on his sleeping patterns. Pray I get another Lucy when it comes to sleeping, I could do 10 hours strait at 4 weeks again for sure!
So this was the first half of our trip to California last month. We had a lot of fun with Tyler's family, and some good quality time with just the three of us. I loved it!
Hanging out at the House
My sweet loves in the freezing cold pool. I did not join them, but had fun taking pictures with a sweatshirt on.
Jessica, Kristen and Lucy playing in the hot shower out in the backyard.
Brothers...what more can I say?

Disneyland Day 1. Just the three of us.
Can you tell me why over half of our pictures, Lucy is making this "CHEEEESE" face?
This is Lucy, so excited to go on her first roller coaster!
This is Lucy afterwards...Tyler said that as they went up the big hill she had her hands above her head and was saying 'weeeee,' but as soon as they started going down she got in this position and remained there for the entire ride.
No, I am not trying to stick out my gut. I'm just leaning against Pluto's house.
This was the best! Lucy is usually so afraid of characters, but she just ran right up to Mickey, sat down and smiled. She was SO in love!
I know I am putting a lot of candid shots up, but I love it when you can see the sheer excitement of a child! It makes everything worth it!
This ended up being our favorite ride. I don't know if you can tell, but Lucy is belly laughing in this picture, and did so the entire time. She loved driving the car and crashing it up against the sides of the track. Mommy and daddy got a little sick, but again, it was worth it to hear her so happy!
I see you mommy!
Teaching Lucy how to shoot. She was actually pretty good with daddy helping her aim.
Disneyland Day 2: The Hornibrook Family
Hornibrook Planning Session (this picture made me laugh out loud)"L" is for Lucy. Isn't she adorable!
We posed with Cars characters while the adults went on Sorin'. I got my turn later:)
We are going through a bit of a sunglasses stage. She can't be in the car right now without them. Cute, but a little much if you ask me.
As good as it gets when trying to take a picture of 5 little girls.

The girls just LOVE their grandparents!Yes, I chose to wear a poncho for the rafting ride. Everyone else was wet on a not so warm day. I was happy with my choice! The rest of this day is on my first California post.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rainy Days

It has been a rather productive day. I got the June budget underway, balanced all of our accounts, went to REI for new BOB double jogging stroller and went to Home Depot for glue/caulk to fix our toilet. I have also been working on Primary organization, I unpacked two boxes of random home decor stuff (yes I know we have lived in our house for 10 months), and we just finished eating a nice homemade BBQ dinner.

I started to organize the shelves above my computer when Tyler and Lucy went outside. It is raining so I got curious as to what they were up to after about 20 minutes. Isn't this a beautiful site! They went on a really long jog together today and now they are playing outside. I would say they are just talking and using their imaginations, but what you can't see in this picture is Tyler's ipad. Well, at least it is quality time together right? I think it is adorable they love each other so much! I also love the time I get to be productive without someone on my heels every second. It is a win-win situation for sure!