Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

It seems my little Lulu can be a big help. This is usually in the form of being a good girl while I am trying to get the house clean, or a meal prepared. She has been very interested in the laundry lately and enjoys sitting in the basket while throw the clothes at her-she actually thinks it is quite funny.
On a different note, Lucy is quite the opposite of a helper, but I love her all the same! I am not sure what attracts Lu to the garbage can, but it seems to be her favorite toy in the house.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dang It!

So I just spent a bunch of time redoing my family and friends lists to show the last time they updated it right on my blog. I finished that and wasn't ready to go to bed so I decided I wanted to change my template too. I had NO CLUE it erased all your pictures on the side bar as well as the links. When I realized it would do this I didn't save any of my changes and went back to the old template, but it was too late. My last hour of work was for nothing...I am going to bed a little sad.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Advice Please

So I am in the midst of trying to baby proof our apartment. I have gotten pretty good at my makeshift contraptions as you can tell by the pictures. Don't you love the Bosch on the coffee table? It was the heaviest thing I could find so she couldn't pull down the blanket put into place to block our video's, cable box and DVD player. I am thinking that this little stand holding our humble TV isn't going to do for long. I need something with doors on it!

And forget a pathway through the family is now a play pin!
So for all you mom's out there, what have you done to keep your mobile babies out of trouble? Are there gates that you like and ones you don't? I have plugged up all the sockets but that is about it. What else do I need to be sure to do, or will I need to do once she is walking? I didn't know this was going to be so hard to keep Lu from getting hurt. I turn my back for one second and she is standing up against the end table or couch. Without a way to get down. Kind of funny if you think about it.

Anyway, let me know whatever advice you have or have heard of to baby proof our home.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Best Babysitter Ever

Aunt Amy Kay

It is so nice to have my sister around Provo for many reasons. One being that Tyler and I can have a weekly date night! For this weeks date we went to see Iron Man which I actually really enjoyed. Then we went to Sub Zero and had yummy ice cream. Have you all been there? It is almost more fun to watch them make your ice cream using liquid nitrogen than to actually eat it. You can even choose how much fat is in it-I opt for the 0% which is more like frozen yogurt than ice cream and it still tastes pretty good.

When we got home Amy helped me upload all her photo's of their adventures together onto my computer. I thought I would share some so Amy's friends at work have new pictures to look at that actually have someone in the photo besides my sweet baby. It seems that I have been putting a lot of naked baby pictures on the blog as of late, I apologize!

Here you go Amykay...thanks for being such a great stissy, sister-in-law, aunt and babysitter!

Drum Roll Please...


It is actually a very very challenged crawl, but she is moving from 'Point A' to 'Point B.' I have been trying for a day now to attach a video of her on the go, but it doesn't seem to be working. At first I was so excited about this new little development, now I am not so sure.

Today I didn't quite finish getting ready before she woke up so I brought her into my bedroom and set her on the floor. I then went into our bathroom to blow dry my hair. The next thing I know there is something/someone tugging on my leg. I look down and she is smiling so big. I am sure she was just so proud of her accomplishment. I clapped along with her and then proceeded to pick her back up and put her back onto the carpet in our room. No less than a minute later I look over and she is pulling herself up on the bathtub. What am I supposed to do now? I liked those days, before yesterday, when she stayed put for the most part. She could roll around pretty good, but that took her 5x more time than crawling.

Crawling changes the world as I know it. I have to be running after her and watching her like a hawk. I have to vacuum every day (2x yesterday) because she sees every little crumb or piece of lint on the ground and tries to put it her mouth. How do mothers do it? I think about what crawling means and don't even want to think about walking. And then what, we bring more little movers into the world and have our children going in all directions at once?

I went to the park today with our ward play group. Everyone else had at least one child walking and I was amused at watching them chase their children around the playground. This will be my life before I know it.

I suppose I should just embrace the present circumstances. When I put myself aside, it is a wonderful thing for Lucy to be able to move around. Think of all the doors it opens up in her world. She has to be so excited and loving life. I can handle the extra effort for her to be so happy. And I want her to grow and progress in all areas of life. This would include crawling so I need to be happy about her new found talent!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Splish Splash

Who could resist these cheeks?

Or these cheeks?