Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Proud Parents

Tyler and I are pleased to announce that Lucy has reached the top of the charts in the weight category. We couldn't be more pleased with our chubby little baby. It's actually kind of gross, but cute at the same time. I wouldn't trade her chubby cheeks for anything...they are absolutely adorable! Although, I have told her a time or two that it is only cute when you are young, so enjoy the rolls and eating whatever you want while you can :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas Fun

Christmas was rather different this Holiday season, but a little more exciting too. I should have started to shop in June! It was harder to get out this year with Lucy glued to my side, I also had a billion people to buy for. I am just getting used to buying for Tyler's family and then we had to go add a baby. She was spoiled of course. Tyler finally cut me off from buying her ANYTHING else in the middle of December. Apparently he didn't find spending money on our little one as fun as I did/do!

Lucy loves to shop as much as mom. Here we are at the Gateway in Salt Lake City doing picking up some last minute things.

The Hornibrook Family went home for two weeks during Tyler's Christmas vacation from BYU. We spent one week at my parents home in Gresham and one week in Wilsonville at his parents house. It was fun but I was so ready to come home to Utah, however I believe Tyler and Lucy would both disagree with me.
While home we went to a Blazer game. It was a particularly cold night in Portland so Tyler wrapped Lucy up really good!

Lucy slept through the whole game on Grandpa Hansen's lap. I don't think the two of them would have wanted to enjoy the game any other way!

For those of you who do not know of the Hansen family tradition, we all get up quite early Christmas morning (it varies between 3 and 5). My dad and he brother have been doing it their whole lives! Because we had Lucy this year, we didn't wake her up till 4:45 a.m. She obviously wasn't quite up to the task of opening all of her presents that early, maybe next year!

Rafe, my brother Dane's little boy, loved Lucy and voluntarily decided to help her down the stairs. It was too cute!

Here Lucy is teaching Amy how to properly use a binky.