Wednesday, December 09, 2009

'Boops' and the Chef Hat

Sometimes we get something we just love. It becomes our favorite thing! In the case of a child, they may want to wear this new found favorite item ALL THE TIME!

Mama Cindy got Lucy a chef hat (among other kitchen necessities) for her birthday back in September. The moment she got it she wanted the hat on. For weeks Lu would wear her hat around the house. It would be a fight to get her to take it off for naps and leaving the house.

'Boops' are a different story. (And yes in front of Lucy we ALWAYS say 'boops' because we don't want her to stop with the cute baby words). They haven't fizzled out and it has been months. I was noticing today that she won't be able to wear them for all that much longer as they are now her size. Anyone have any advice for a child who grows out of something they love?
The other day Lucy had on cute navy shoes to go with her outfit. Then she saw me put on my brown boots to leave and she freaked out that she couldn't wear her 'boops' too. We had to change her clothes and shoes because I am such a pushover of a mother! To church I usually stand my ground though, no 'boops' unless you are wearing a dress that they actually work with.
Side note: below is Lucy in timeout. Most kids hate time out. Why did I have to have the child that actually loves it and does things that will let her visit that corner? One time her cousin was over spending a few days with us and I sent him to timeout. Lucy cried and cried because I would not let her go to a corner for time out too. What is wrong with my child? Counting doesn't work either because she gets excited and starts to count with us. Sigh...
She asked for the leash I swear! And the no clothing in timeout and below? She didn't want to put her dress back on and it was warm so I said heck with it. Plus, isn't it kind of cute?

Monday, December 07, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

So I know I am in the wrong season, but my stister wanted to see new pictures and my mom wanted the first thing you see on my blog not to be about grandpa's funeral. I haven't uploaded pictures in awhile and never posted about Halloween.
One Saturday in October we went with the Battles' to several pumpkin patches around our area. We found one that not only had pumpkins, but had games, food, hay rides and a kiddy play place. It was a lot of fun and we found some great pumpkins. We carved pumpkins that night, but those are on my other camera that I haven't taken the pictures off yet. Maybe in a few months I will remember to show off our masterful pumpkins (oh you just wait, they really were awesome).
Getting ready to go on the hay ride The best family photo we could get
Lucy being very picky about what pumpkin she wanted
My two loves weighing our pumpkin choices. Aren't they both adorable!