Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adorable Children

My friend Cassandra is getting back into photography. She used to have a business in Utah before her kids were born. Cassandra came over today and took pictures of Lucy and Thomas across the street at our lake. I think she captured how adorable my children really are. THANK YOU CASSANDRA!!! I owe you big!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sister & Brother

All my life I wanted to have a baby boy first. I loved having an older brother! I always felt bad for people that didn't have an older brother to protect them. I felt they were missing out on something really special, like they were cheated out of a great thing. Maybe I just had such an amazing brother who made me feel cool:) This is me and Dane when we were going to school together at BYU-Idaho.
So it was a big surprise to me that when I found out I was having a girl first, I wasn't sad like I thought I would be. It just felt right. Now I know why. Baby brothers are lucky to have older sisters too!
I loved how once Thomas was born I could count on Lucy to run upstairs and and get a diaper for me when I was too tired. Or how Lucy sings to Thomas when he is sad. This week we had the opportunity to have the Battles' daughter, Anistyn, stay with us for a few nights while they were having their second ADORABLE baby, a little boy. Lucy and Anistyn both wore their big sister jammies. The nature of girls is just different. I believe Lucy is just wired to be a little second mommy to Thomas and I know he just adores her. It is amazing how things just work out you know.
Plus, I laugh knowing Thomas will soon be bigger than Lucy and will pick on his big sister like I was picked on by my big brother. He will also protect my little drama queen when she needs it, which may be a whole lot more than I did. And most importantly, I know Lucy loves her little brother just as much as I love my big brother. The picture above seriously makes me laugh out loud! Oh such happy memories!!!!!