Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Toy

We all survived the Arctic Blast '08 here in the Northwest! I used some of your ideas to keep me and Lucy sane, Lacey your fort idea was the winner!

Well Lucy got spoiled this Christmas from us and her grandparents! She got more noise making toys...they make her happy so we tune them out. Her favorite toy however was from Santa, a baby doll and stroller. She played by herself for over an hour Christmas day with her new doll and stroller, what more could a mommy ask for for Christmas?
I did get some great things myself including an all expense paid trip to Orlando in May, food storage, and a new Shark Steam Mop. But me and Tyler's favorite Christmas present was the one to each other, a Nikon D60. We have taken more pictures then we can count. We have watched some tutorials and are so excited to learn how to take some awesome pictures. We are going to make photography our new hobby to share. A date we are looking forward to is going downtown Portland and taking pictures. Besides the doll that makes Lu so happy, a present to bring Tyler and I closer together while documenting our wonderful lives together, is one you can't put a price tag on!
Here are some of our favorites we have taken so far of our beautiful blue-eyed baby...

This last picture is of my new niece, Berkley Janet, Born Christmas day. Isn't she beautiful!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Picture Tag

Okay I am catching up on a million things thanks to the snow, hubby out of town and a sleeping toddler. I realized Kassie tagged me forever ago and I thought I would play now.
This is my forth picture in my fourth file. I was so happy it was a cute one! This is last Christmas when I was trying to get Lucy out of her Christmas dress and slip. I love poofy dresses on little girls. This slip beat them all!

Cabin Fever!

I am trapped in my own home all because it snowed a few inches on Sunday. Coming from living in Idaho and Utah this should be nothing right? Wrong! When it snows in Portland the whole dang city shuts down. This was so cool as a kid, but not now! Church on Sunday was canceled and many of the main roads and highways closed. When they opened back up chains were required. The chain requirements have been lifted and the wind calmed down a bit today, but ice covers almost every road in the area. School is canceled in our district tomorrow for the third day in a row. This should be no big deal but I am going CRAZY!
Tyler had to take my car because it has 4WD-he is out of town and will be using it for through Friday. It hasn't gotten out of the 20's since Sunday. We are supposed to have another snow storm tomorrow, Wednesday, and snow and ice on Sunday. Those dang weather guys said this Arctic blast is on the forecast for as long as they can see. HELP ME!!!
I know I am a stay-at-home mom, but never do I actually stay at home multiple days in a row. We get out and do things. How am I supposed to entertain this girl inside all day? If she were older we could play more games or do real activities. If she were younger she wouldn't care if we didn't leave the house. If you have ideas PLEASE let me know! I have given more baths, read more books, and played Ring Around the Rosie more times then I can count (she just learned how to play that game on Saturday and won't let us forget). I have looked online at many Websites to see what I could do. We have done many of the things but lets face it, games at this age last only minutes, I have hours!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Love that Duck!

Lucy was given a big yellow duck a couple of months ago. She sort of played with it now and then, but the other day she fell in love! She has been carrying the duck around the house and loving it as much as a 15-month-old girl can. She hugs it, drags it, sits on it, kisses it, and then does it all over again. I had to post some pictures because I think it is so funny how kids get attached to random things. Thanks Linda!