Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fanciest Nancy

So last week we went to Barnes & Noble to meet the illustrator of the Fancy Nancy books, which are Lucy's favorite.  We own more of these books than I care to admit but this is mainly because I not so secretly LOVE them too!  I love how dramatic Nancy is all the time and the illustrations make me seriously laugh out loud.  My favorite illustration is Nancy telling her best friend Bree that she can't come to her birthday party in Bonjour Butterfly.  I laugh at that one every time.  If you have a girly girl for a daughter, Fancy Nancy books will be a big hit!  She may even start to refuse to say 'thank you' and say 'merci' instead because as Nancy says, "everything sounds fancier in French."

Robin Priess Glasser reads her newest book, Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet , to all the fancy children.  I thoroughly enjoyed her story telling dramatization and outfit!  She didn't disappoint!

Here is Lucy and her friend Leilani practicing walking with bananas (instead of books) on their heads.  Nancy teaches us how to do this in the Fabulous Fashion Boutique I believe.

For once I let Lucy wear whatever she wanted in public.  She would love to dress this way everyday but a mom has got to draw the line somewhere.  My favorite is how she had to wear two skirts AND a dress.
While she was getting ready she kept asking if everyone would think she was the fanciest girl there.  I told her that everyone would be dressed so fancy and everyone would be beautiful!  Then they had to go and give Lucy a crown that said she was the "Winner of the Fanciest Nancy."  Way to have a teaching moment with my child about how we can't always be the best.  But I was a little proud seeing as how she dressed herself.
It was so fun to have a night, just the two of us.  She had Cinnabon for dinner, her choice obviously, and she got 100% of my attention.  I wish I got more nights like that with just the two of us girls.  She is at an age where she really notices when she has my attention and when she doesn't .  I just Love my fancy little angel!


Amy Kay said...

Lucy is Fancy Nancy. Period. I wish I could have gone with you guys!

Beth said...

Ah this post is the cutest... Lucy is so adorable! Brooklyn got her very first fancy Nancy book for her birthday!

Bethany Davis said...

Oh my gosh Kelsey-so cute! You are such a fun mommy! And ps, I love Fancy Nancy books too. It's the teacher in me I guess ;)

Megan said...

This is darling. I love good children's books! And I love Lucy's outfit too. Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Jessie said...

How adorable! I can't wait to have a girl... :}

Corinne Ritz said...

That is SO fun!!!! Lucy is ADORABLE! I love that she dressed that way on her own, and won the award for fanciest dress!!! Made me laugh.

Mel said...

That author is the BEST! I love that she herself was so dressed up. What a fun outing. :)

The Red Crew said...
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The Red Crew said...

I'm so jealous! Margot is obsessed with everything Fancy Nancy! She would have been all over this. Lucy is so perfect for the winning crown and it only makes me so sad that my kids love her so much and haven't seen her in soooooo long. We sure miss you guys!

Carla said...

What a fun night!!! She is so adorable! I am going to have to check out the books.

Radfords said...

So adorable. I love love her outfit!

Jessie said...

Hey Lovely,

Wanna play blog tag?

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