Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buddy Walks...sort of

Tonight we had a Pajama Movie Party. We do this a couple of times a month. We get our jammies on, make popcorn, put all the pillows on the floor and watch a movie. Today was How to Train Your Dragon, I LOVE this movie! After it was over and Lucy had got up to her play room, Tyler and I were just playing around with Buddy. He ended up taking 6 steps in a row. This is HUGE for him. The doctor told us he wouldn't walk till between 15 and 18 months because he has been quite slow in everything but getting bigger! He is currently 13 1/2 months old.

So here is my little buddy in his walking debut...too bad he doesn't want to do it anymore. Maybe he is just tired. I hope not because my back is KILLING me from his massive 30+ lbs (weighed 1 1/2 months ago so I am sure he is a bit more).


Megan said...

What a cute boy. You are a great mom. It's fun to see other mom's interact with their kids. Miss you guys :)

Jessie said...

How wonderful!!! Congratulations on his first steps, I'm sure he'll get the hang of it and give your back a break soon.

Beth said...

I can not believe how big he is!! You look fantastic -xox-